The factory Anviplas handles with the recovery and transformation of plastic components. Anviplas, Ltd. offers you two kinds of plastic material: polyethylene (high and low density) and propylene (injection and extrusion).

We produce material in black, transparent or in any other colour that you might require. Our manufacturing capacity amounts to 1200 tonnes per month. Anviplas, Ltd, has its headquarters in Navacles (Bages), in a more than 5.000 square metres big facilities.

It supplies to Spain and Europe. The greater interest of our enterprise is to achieve customers’ complete satisfaction; that is why the specific needs are taken individually into account. As a result of these 25 years, Anviplas, Ltd. has become a consolidated enterprise in the sector with a highly experienced human team.





We produce different kinds of plastic formulations. We divide them into four categories depending on their application. We offer a wide range of colours in each of these categories.
High density polythene

Fluency Index 0.1 g / 600 s. Excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Flexible, tough, lightweight. Water resistant to 100 ° C.

Pipe to distribuite wàter.
Chemical containers.
Household items.
Waterproofing of fields.
Packaging of automobile parts.


Fluency Index 0.3 g – 0.85 g / 600 s. Good thermal and chemical resistance. Impact resistance. More flexible than HDPE.

Plastic sacks and bags.
Film for agricultural uses.

Injection moulded polypropylene

Index Fluency 12-18 g / 600 s. High resistance to stress cracking. Chemical resistance to solvents. Easy molding, greater fluidity than polypropylene extrusion. Easy coloring. Good thermal stability.

Automotive parts.
Agricultural parts.


Fluency Index 1.8 g – 2.5 g / 600 s. High resistance to stress cracking. Chemical resistance to solvents. Easy molding and coloring. Good thermal stability.



The post-industrial plastic wastes are treated and transformed by Anviplas. We place at your disposal several services in order to meet any need regarding the production of industrial plastic wastes.

We provide you with containers.


We offer containers at no extra cost in order to collect plastic wastes.

We gather the waste.


Immediate delivery and collection service within a maximum of 24 hours.

We collect bales, crates and big bags containing plastic. This service is made by the standard trademark TRANSREPLAS.

We search solutions.


We give value to your wastes.

Tu producto a medida




We design the product regarding the customers’ requirements. We seek the most adequate manner to achieve a product meeting your requirements.

Our production process is based on the idea of the continuous improvement, seeking betterments in the production process. While optimizing our resources, we aim at maintaining a high standard in terms of quality.

One of the Knowhow of Anviplas, Ltd. is the unceasing investment in machinery and productions processes. As a result of these facts, we obtain an increasingly better final product.

New Investment in a more efficient production line in the obtaining of pellets with the help of the National Energy Efficiency Fund. 2016-2017. View Document FNEE-INDUSTRIA

In the year 2018, we do a new Investment in a more efficient production line in the obtaining of pellets with the help of the National Energy Efficiency Fund. 2016-2017. View Document FNEE-INDUSTRIA





Environmental policy

We are committed to developing our activities taking into account the protection and respect to the environment, in a framework of continuous improvement.

ANVIPLAS, S.L. is a company dedicated to the valuation of industrial plastic materials from the rejection of other companies, transforming it again in the form of pellets.

ANVIPLAS, S.L. is aware of the impact of the center on the environment and, to this end, is committed to develop its activity from the maximum protection and respect for the environment, in a framework of continuous improvement.

The basic principles that govern the Environmental Policy of ANVIPLAS, S.L. are:
– Ensure compliance with current environmental regulations and those commitments that the company voluntarily subscribes.
– Develop and improve current activities with emphasis on saving energy and natural resources, as well as minimizing the waste effluents generated.
– Prevent pollution and define objectives to improve environmental performance.
– Conveniently train all workers for the correct compliance with our policy, continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
– Inform and promote good environmental practices among suppliers, suppliers and customers.
– Encourage dialogue with stakeholders in order to cooperate in meeting their present and future needs.

The Management of ANVIPLAS, S.L. provide the necessary means to ensure the application of this Environmental Policy in all areas of the company.

We have the ISO 14001 I Standard as well as the EMAS I the Environmental Management Certificate.

Download the environmental policy.
Download the environmental statement


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